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 Hi, my name is Ronald Price and I am a graduate of University of Ala, B'ham (UAB) with a degree in education. I am also a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center where I received my initial Bible education and ministerial training.

I have been  an internet Bible Teacher For the past 17 years with monthly visitor numbering in the thousands from all over the world .  If you type Ronald Price in Google, is usually  first or second and has been for many years. 

I also I have been a tumbling coach for 40 Years.  If you type Training Champions in Google, is usually first.

I have been married three times now, my first two wives died of cancer, one at age 34, one at age 51.  In May of  2012,  I met my third wife online through an Asian dating site. I was on an Asian dating site because my second wife was half Filipino which through our relationship, created for me a special love for the Filipino people.

I came to the Philippines Nov 25th, 2012, and married a very beautiful young lady. (Because of a brief personal financial set back, we had to postpone the special church wedding we had planned, this wedding is still to come.) Her beauty goes far beyond physical beauty,  God has blessed me with a wife that is very special in many different ways, each day I am truly  amazed with the character of this woman that God has so graciously put in my life. 


Shortly after arriving in General Santos in the Philippines for my planned wedding, I had an unplanned and unexpected introduction and meeting with Rev. Wilmer Suganob.    Rev.Suganob is the Supreme Bishop of the Philippine General Council of the Evangelical Church Of God.

Within a short time I developed a great appreciation for my new found brother in Christ. Through our fellowship God put in my heart a unique bond and desire to help with the work that Bro. Wilmer is  doing for the Lord. 

The Philippine General Council of the Evangelical Church Of God is a group of 126 churches. I have watched Bro Wilmer work tirelessly serving  not only the home church which he pastors and is filled to over flowing, but almost single handed, he governs, trains, and serves the church leaders and supports the work being done in the other 125 churches that are a part of the church organization. He also conducts a radio ministry as a support and outreach to the 126 church members and their communities.


 I had the opportunity to visit one of the mountain communities. The four of us who went, traveled about 45 minutes on two motorcycles experiencing a rain shower going up the maintain. When arriving we attend their Thanksgiving Celebration which is on Dec 23rd in the Philippines.   Christmas is then Celebrated on Dec 24th at 12AM like we Celebrate new years in the USA.

I had the opportunity to speak for about 15 minutes.  For my speaking I was given a rap of fruits and  and a live chicken.  I took the chicken home in a box and Emy's mom prepared it for us as part of our Christmas Celebration.

I was told that there about 3000 people that live in this mountain community.  I made a few videos of their living areas around the church and the services. There were three speakers during the complete service. At the end of the service Bro Wilmer conducted a wedding service.  He told me he personally prepares  all the legal documents for the couples he does a wedding for.

After the wedding there was a baby dedication. Both the wedding and dedication took a little over an hour. . 

We then left the mountain community and returned to General Santos.  When arriving back at to the church, He told me that he now had to attend a Christmas party of the local church and that it was at a resort about 40 minutes away.  He ask me and Emy if we would like to come.

We had gotten up at 5:30 to leave for the mountain by 7:00, we had already spent an hour and a half on the motorcycle round trip and a long, fun, but tiring day in the mountain community.  It was now about 2:30.  Now he is leaving for another  hour and a half round trip and be involved in a Christmas celebration.  

I might have decided to go but Emy and I were up till 1:30am wrapping Christmas gifts and we both were in bad need of a nap.

I can not imagine being in charge of 126 churches and having no trained assistants to help you. It is one of those life cycles that developed and from the inside there doesn't seem to be away to change the cycle.


What Bro. Wilmer accomplishes, without the mercy and grace of God, is a seemingly impossible task.



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Mountain Community Videos

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The Central location of the Philippine General Council of the Evangelical Church Of God.

The Following Videos Are An Over View Of The Current Property Which Includes Three Resident's Of Church Workers.  The Second Source Income Of These Three Families Including The pastor Are Produced Through Product Sales and Piglet Sales As You Will See. The Income of The Families that Attend The Church Is Very low. Filipinos That I Have Met Are A Giving, Loving people, But Have Little Financially To Give.


 By watching the videos of the currently used facilities, you will be able to better understand that simple new up to date structures will be extremely superior  to the current facilities.


This 1st Video Is of Bro. Wilmer's home.  In the New Structure his home will be built over his office area.

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Economy In The Philippines

Filipinos are a loving, caring and giving people, but there economy causes sever limitations. When I meet my wife she was working in a nursing home and her monthly income was $200 a month. That is a high income for the average Filipino family that I have met on this one island.  I have become friends with the young lady that works in the store down the street from the home that I am currently renting.  Watch this video and pay close attention to her work schedule which is six days a week.  After the video I ask her how much she is paid.  She said made 3000 Pesos a month.  One thousand Pesos is about $25 dollars.

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I have and will continue to upload videos to my   youtube  page "ronaldpricelive" that I made during my first stay in General Santos. These videos will give you a an over view of the daily life style of the people in General Santos.

I am not trying to change the life style of the people that I have meet and are working with, do not believe I would want to if I could.  I do want to improve the living condition of the church staff and the usability of the facilities on the property that the church has in the Home locations and in the maintain community churches.

Central Location Of this Ministry

Property Video 1

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Property Video 2

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Property Video 3

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Property Video 4

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Property Video 5

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Property Video 6

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Current Church Service

I have unloaded three videos of a church service that I attended in Dec 2012. These videos will give you an over view of the current building and worship service.

With the attraction of a new facility and the ability to offer a meal after church on Sunday, it would be very easy to fill the new 270 seat new building. This will lead to the wonderful problem of having to provide multiple services on Sunday morning.


Church Service Video 1

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Church Service Video 2

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Church Service Video 3

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As a final note about this ministries needs. I am told by Bro. Wilmer that each year they hold a national convention at the home office property. This year the dates are May 27th through the 29th 2013.  He said there will be around 1000 individuals attend this convention from all ministry locals and even other individuals from other ministries. 

All or at least most  will stay on the property for all three days, sleeping, eating, bathing, fellowshipping, praying studying and attending sessions.

 If you would like to really experience personal sacrifice to be taught God's Word and have your heart bleed for answers to aid and assist a ministry that truly has a severe need,  I invite you attend this convention. 


If you would be interested please contact me, and I will help you make arrangements for your trip. 

As a note this ministry was started by a U.S. missionary and some how over the years the spiritual and financial support fail by the wayside.  The Word Of God that was planted in the hearts of the original converts has prevailed and we have a growing ministry of brothers and sisters here that  truly love the Lord, and need  help from the Body Of Christ.

They Need Our Help To Improve And Help Maintain The Quality  And Standard Of Ministry That Can And Should Be Provide By Their Brothers And Sisters In Christ From Around The World.


There are other personal and information videos that can be viewed on my youtube video.

Youtube address RonaldPriceLive  


Future Property Improvement Plans.

I have been appointed by the Philippine General Council of the Evangelical Church Of God as

 "Director Of Ministry Development" 

 for the complete organization.  It will be my goal in this position to make improvements to or create new property structures.  Also to update or provide new equipment that will help to facilitate  the spiritual growth and development of leaders of this ministry and for the spiritual  growth and development of those that are served.

Document of Appointment


My first goal will be for the improvement of the central church property located In General Santos.

Changing the Cycle.

God has given me three objectives to help in this central location of this ministry.


My Original Plans

  I am to build two multi purpose buildings.

The first building is a three story building. The first two floors provide room dormitory for the new Bible college that will be established on this, the home office property.  Each room will sleep four to six students. There will be one bathroom facility for each floor. The Bible college will be for the training of the staff of the current 126 churches and for the staff of future churches that will be established.

 The top floor of this building will be a large multi purpose floor which will include a kitchen and dinning area to feed Bible school students and for church functions.  There will be several activity/class rooms.  This floor will also include a gym area for the youth evangelistic tumbling/exhibition  squad that I will create. The Filipino people are a festive people and do many public celebrations. The simplest of dance and singing is greatly appreciated. To present a tumbling squad performing  at even an intermediate skill level will offer a performance level that is very uncommon in the  celebrations that I have seen. Expression of Christian faith is very common and is acceptable in any public gathering. During the Christmas season while shopping in an extremely large supermarket, many Christ centered Christmas song where playing.  The door is open to create an effective youth outreach program.  Inappropriate western culture is having a great effect on the youth in this country.  A strong life style message is seriously need  for the young people that I have observed. There is still a strong Christian Culture here in General Santos to complement an evangelistic outreach to the youth.

The second building will be the new church and main assembly for the Bible college which will seat 270 individuals. This building will include church office, pastoral office, church library and a storage room. Above the pastoral office area will be two to four stories high and offer two to four living quarters for the current staff of the church.


I am having a local engineer draw basic plans for the new structures that will be build as I am able to raise money for each phase of the new facility.  Plus, I need to establish a monthly funding program for the college general budget, and a student sponsorship program for the Bible school students and for the students of the tumbling classes for the new youth program.

Above was my first building plan idea that involved two buildings,  We have sense come up with this current building plans that is designed to accomplish with one build what we were trying to accomplish with with two buildings. 

As we begin to raise funds for this building project a final decision will be made to what will best suit the current and future needs of the ministry.

Please note that these plans are in meters not feet.

Click Here to View First Building Proposal


I know that God our Father has placed this desire in my heart for the described  project. I am offering you as an individual or church organization to help me accomplish what has been presented. 

I currently have  general funding needs as I proceed with the initial development plans. If you are an individual and you would want a tax receipt for your giving you could ask your local pastor to allow you to give through your local church.

Hope for Tomorrow Will Become A U.S. Non-Profit Organization in the near future.

After the development of the new home facilities I personally plan to supply my own individual needs through the student sponsorship program for the Bible College students where I will be The director and will be teaching.  Also through the tumbling student for youth sponsorship program.

Please keep these two sponsorship programs in  mind for your future support of this ministry.

As stated above, there are currently general funding needs to help with the launch of the current fund raising programs.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated as I work to generate a consistent cash flow to start the program development. 

I will be establishing a direct funding program for your gifts through Xoom which is an online funding company.  As soon as I get a local church count set up in a local bank we can accept  fund directly into this account. This may not be accomplished until I return in March or April 2013.

Until I establish the church account, you can help with the

initial planned improvements and  monthly funding

by donation through the following PayPal

 Account. Please include your email address so we can mail

 you a receipt from the church. 

Any amount of donation will Be greatly appreciated. 



Ronald Price Training Champions

BACW/Training Champions



I know in the USA it seems unusual that a ministry that has been established sense 1955 would not have a bank account.  Operation funds for this ministry are mostly self generate through the individuals doing the work.  The individuals that work here in the ministry mostly are supported by their own efforts, the economic of most individuals that  attend the  126  churches, basically live in the light of the following scripture. 



1 Timothy 6:6-8

New King James Version (NKJV)

Now godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain[a] we can carry nothing out. And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.

I have never experienced individuals actually living according to this scripture until I arrived  here in the Philippines.  As I said earlier. I am not here to change their life style,  but I do want to make the home church facilities more usable and to meet ministry needs through the creation of a Bible college and youth outreach program at the home location.  Once that is completed we will start an improvement program for all church locations.  This will open the door for ministry groups from around the world that would like to come to the Philippines for a week of outreach for this ministries improvements.


You are welcome to call Rev. Wilmer Suganob in the Philippines at +63 919 493 6287 for any verification questions that you may have. Even better than that you are welcome to visit this ministry personally.

In the future please consider bring a ministry team to work with the current outreach. All of the current 126 churches could use some personal attention from a ministry crew. You may also plan to assist in the development of the home church new facilities when the new development program is launched.


Contact me personally to arrange a trip to this open door mission field. I do need to inform you that here in General Santos I feel completely safe.  I other parts of the Philippines it is not safe and there is even a history of Christian missionary  being killed in the not to distant past.  I can help you with your planning of your trip with safety instructions.

Ronald Price  +1 205 937 1002


The Radio Ministry.

I had the opportunity to teach on the radio with Bro Wilmer  Dec 17th, 2012

 The recording has been divided into five parts; 1, B,C, D & E

 to help in the upload time.

Part 1


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Part b

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Part c

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My  Personal Ordination  With

Philippine General Council of the Evangelical Church Of God.




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